Top Latino/Hispanic Family Vacation Ideas

Hispanic famililes love to travel!

You being a Latino/Hispanic, probably you knew this already. But you may be happier to know that this is brought out by recent statistics as well. A Mintel study on vacation trends in US published no later than February this year reveals that the likelihood of a Latino/Hispanic family taking two or more vacation outings a year is 31% more when compared to non-Hispanic families.

What is more, the study also says that Hispanic couples normally prefer traveling with their families and kids as compared to non-Hispanic population with whom couples-only holidays evidently appear to be more appealing.

Now, assuming that you share this wanderlust of your people and so does your partner and you or both of you (if you’re not a married couple already) have your own kid/kids. Assuming, too, that you and your partner have been dating for some time already and each of you feel that you have found your ideal partner and it’s time to bring in the kids within the fold.

If such is the case, what could be better than if all of you took a trip together? That way, everybody will get to know each other better and if you are considering marriage in near future, it will be easier for your partner to gel in with your kids (and vice versa) once you all move in as a family.

But Where Do You Go?

Now comes the big question, especially if you have in mind a somewhat lengthy vacation, say a week-long one or maybe a 4-day weekend trip. And we do feel that a lengthier vacation is always a better idea than a blitzkrieg 2-day trip since the former gives you the opportunity to spend a good bit of time together. During that time, the kid/kids will get more time to familiarize themselves with the current partner of their parent. On the other hand, you will also be able to have a good understanding of the kid’s tastes, his/her personality, etc. In short, a longer vacation will help you bond well, which is after all your primary reason to take the vacation, right?

So, you’ve this task on your hand to plan a family, kid-friendly-like vacation. Now, the task may seem a bit overwhelming to some. You’ll need to ensure that the trip will be fun for all of you, but especially for the child. Children have the tendency to get bored or disinterested easily if something does not grip or engage them strongly enough. On the other hand, you will also like to have some quality, as well as some alone, time together with your partner. Well, fret not! Here are some nice family vacation ideas that may make your task easier. And we do hope that you find some that looks tailored to your needs and tastes. Buena Suerte!

All-Inclusive Vacation Resorts

These resorts provide great on-hand solutions when you are traveling with kids. These resorts and their wonderful arrangements are especially geared towards family vacations. So, you’ll find them equipped with fine dining, spas, fantastic pools and all customary adult entertainment options. But, more importantly for your purpose, they also have special supervised kiddie clubs and parks where the kids can enjoy a variety of games, sports, etc. with other children when their parents are away. This will be more like a summer camp experience for the kid and he/she will love it. And of course, you can all go out together for various tours of the city or place you are in at multiple times during your vacation.

This will give you enough time to stay together but enjoy your times alone as well. Some of the best among these types of resort establishments include Club Med (which has franchises all across the world but in many US cities as well), Franklyn D. Resort & Spa (located in Jamaica, if you’re planning for international travel) and Beaches (they have two wonderful family-focused establishments, also in Jamaica). If you (or your partner) have a baby, most of these resorts will also accommodate you with a specially appointed nanny for your little one.

Places with a Marked Latino Culture

Latino/Hispanic people are heirs to a vast number of varied and vibrant cultures. So, you may like to turn up at a place/city where Latino culture flourishes and where you (and the kid) can enjoy many different facets of Latino/Hispanic culture. So, we are talking Latino cuisine, music, festivals, architecture, places of historic interest and so on. In the US, some of the most prominent places where you can enjoy more (actually, much more) than a smattering of Latino culture include Salt Lake City, Utah; St. Louis, Missouri; Charlotte, North Carolina; Arlington, Virginia; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Trenton, New Jersey; Fort Myers-Naples, Florida; and Santa Ana, California—to name but a few.

This is not to say that you must devote all of your vacation solely toward things Latino/Hispanic (that may get a bit boring for the kid, and for you as well!). In any medium to large city, you’ll find enough other means of diversions to indulge in (theme parks, amusement parks and water parks are some of the places that are special favorites with the kids), but if we are recommending these places, it is because they will give both you and the kid to have an inkling of the sheer vastness and diversity of what is commonly called/clubbed in as Latino culture.

A Quite Latino Retreat

Or, you may want to get away from the hubbub and enjoy your time together at a quieter place with a marked Hispanic/Latino heritage which will still have enough of outdoor and fun activities for you to indulge in. We can recommend two great such places right off the bat: (1) Tubac, Arizona—a small, tranquil town surrounded by mountains and which is located virtually a stone’s throw away from the Mexican border and (2) Pueblo, Colorado—the town famous for its Frijoles Festival. These are just our suggestions. With a bit of research, you are sure to find on your own a number of similarly quite and beautiful places/retreats.