Are you tired of going to the Barnes and Noble bookstore on Saturdays trying to run into someone interesting only to end up talking to charming older folks? Have you tried a Facebook singles group of locals with no results?

It could be that you are looking in the wrong places for love, and the answer has been right at your fingertips all along. Latino dating with Match is just like dating for any other demographic of singles. Busy people typically connect through websites or apps like and decide who they might want to meet in person after chatting through the app, MatchPhone, or email.

The Skinny on Latino Dating

When you first try dating using an app like Match, there are so many choices. Honestly, it can be intimidating. With, I was skeptical because I could create a free profile and view others’ profiles, but I had to subscribe if I was serious about talking to people. Working with this app on and off for a few years, I learned that the advantages of working with a brand which effectively made the transition from purely web based dating to connecting people through apps was crucial.

In my experience, people who are serious about dating are willing to pay a small monthly membership fee. They want to be connected with people who also want the same type of casual or serious relationship. When you use Match, it’s less about swiping YES or NO, and it’s more about reading profiles to see if you and a prospect have some common interests. There’s more depth to profiles on this app than just a single person’s attractive photos. He or she is also likely to be attracted to more than just your own photos.

Pros of Match

  • Free is a good start.Create a free profile. This includes writing your headlines and describing your interests. You can also add multiple photos and even a video describing yourself and what you’re looking for in the dating world.
  • You’ll get matched with people who have already liked your file using your own custom search criteria and using reverse matching.
  • You can screen emails that you receive from other members, only responding to people who interest you. This includes only answering people who have already liked your profile pictures in a matching activity.

Cons of Match

  • You must purchase a full membership to use the regular features of the app. BUT: On the “plus” side – there are different plans and a money-back guarantee for the six-month membership option.
  • You must take some time to list some interests and what you are looking for in a match. Again, this could be looked upon as a plus, depending on how much time you’re willing to invest in this.

Getting Started

I was at first not sure of this whole idea… “find love on an app.” Uh huh… Sure. But, today, this is really the way to do it unless you have the liberty of travelling to new cities and going to new venues and meeting thousands of people as part of your everyday life. Few of us have that liberty.

This is a way to match yourself with so many people who live in a certain geographic area and who really seem to fit your search criteria – which, in our case, is someone from our culture (or at least someone who understands it). You think you know what you are looking for, but it takes time to meet someone in person and see if you have that chemistry. When you met someone in college 20 years ago or even in high school, it probably didn’t go like that. People can match up with mutual interests and attractive photos, but, if there is no spark when you and a prospect have coffee at Starbucks or appetizers and drinks at sunset, then there isn’t a match and the connection never goes beyond that first meet-and-greet.

I’m just a guest here on this site – but I have to tell you that it worked for me.

I was searching for a long time. And, I finally found love with I had tried other dating apps. When I found my man, he was actually someone I had talked to and met a couple years before. We had a ten-year age difference and homes situated about 11 miles apart in the same city. But, things were different now. This time around, his youngest son was out of high school, and he was settled in a new place.

Now, he has enough time to focus fully on a relationship on a level that I have been looking for. This time, it seemed that the stars aligned, so to speak, and everything fell into place. I was calmer and more sure of myself. I have been able to adjust to our different work schedules because he has been so attentive that time just flies when he is working on the weekends. I’ve really gotten to know him and his kids and discovered that we have so much in common! If you are ready to find love (or, if that still sounds a little too good to be true, at least ready to venture into the online dating realm), then visit and try it out for yourself! It’s easy to build your profile and view other profiles for free before deciding to purchase a membership.