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Introduction to

If you are looking for a sufficient online dating site whether you are a Latino looking for someone who shares your culture, or if you are non-Latino who simply loves the culture of different regions that share a Spanish-speaking background, look no further than There are several reasons to consider signing up with this platform, including the fact that there are in-depth search engines, matches, and membership perks that you can take advantage of.

Users should be impressed by the fact that this platform allows users to sign up for free and immediately begin chatting with other people. Instant connections can be made with the intelligent design of the Amigos dating site.

Factors to Consider

Naturally, there are a number of factors to consider when trying to select the right platform, regardless of our cultural preferences. This search can be frustrating, but the good news is that the Amigos platform is designed to try and limit that frustration and create a positive online interactive experience. Amigos dating site review

When visiting the home page, users are greeted with an introductory message that discusses how the platform works. Users can easily sign up and create their profile so that they can begin meeting people that match their search criteria.

The community is relatively active and the homepage even lists a number of how many members are nearby in your relative region. This is extremely useful if you are looking for a particular type of person with certain characteristics.

The Amigos dating site is available in several countries, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia – with translations available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The initial membership is free, although some important features are locked behind monthly plans that start at approximately $10 per month.

This dating site has been around since 1996, which is pretty impressive – when you think of it, that equates to just over two decades, and how many sites can boast that they’ve had this type of longevity?

Customer Support

The customer support is constantly available to try and resolve profile issues or other account concerns related to the dating platform.

The matching system utilizes complex algorithms to match characteristics and geographical location to find an optimal match. There are some personality questions as well that might be useful to try and increase the odds of meeting somebody with a similar personality. There are a significant amount of profile features that can help to narrow down your search as well. Users can post pictures, messages, characteristics, and hobbies on their profile page to increase their chances of matching with their soul mate. really focuses on enhancing the overall online dating experience and provides features that are designated to increasing the chance of meeting somebody. There are groups that individual users can join that match their personality. There are also instant messenger features that can allow two interested users in connecting with one another. This is a feature that several dating sites ignore to incorporate, particularly because they would rather focus on alternative ways for users to meet.

Drawbacks of the Platform

There are over one million members on Amigos, but there is one important setback that is extremely disappointing for users intending to use the platform on a mobile device. While they have an iPhone App, there is no official mobile app for Android, and it is unclear how long it might be until one arrives. That bugs me a little, because while it seems like the lion’s share of people have an iPhone, I personally use an Android. Anyway, users can still visit the mobile version of the website, although it seemingly isn’t as polished as the desktop version.

Moving on to the effectiveness of the platform, it is quite clear that is successful in matching single individuals with one another. This is made possible by the high quality matchmaking engine, although it is constantly being updated to better incorporate user characteristics to the platform’s search engine.

The registration process is free, but several of the premium features can only be unlocked by the Silver and Gold monthly plans. If you are willing to pay for these premium features, this dating platform can be one of the best choices for you. There are several high quality features to take advantage of, and the platform is constantly being updated to ensure that users are happy with the service.

If you are an extroverted person looking for some excitement, you might want to consider trying out the Amigos Dating Site for one month and see what you think. Unfortunately, there is no free trail opportunity as of now, but you might still be interested in paying the monthly fee for a single month to gain an understanding of what some of the premium features are about. Who knows? Maybe you will be lucky enough to find somebody that matches your dating criteria and you might be able to go out and meet somebody that is right for you!
Amigos Dating Site review

What about AmigosCalientes?

The AmigosCalientes site is an alternative Latino adult dating site that is ideal for single individuals who are looking to hook up with other singles in their region. It is very similar in design to the more mainstream site, although it particularly focuses on providing members with a simple user interface.

There are thousands of users to interact with and meet on this platform. The profile-creation process is relatively short and convenient, although there is enough detail to allow users to express their personality.

The need for a Latino dating site like this cannot be understated for someone who is looking for casual meet ups. After all, not everyone wants – or is ready for – a long-term relationship. Here’s the thing: Like, in my case, after a pretty bitter divorce years ago, I honestly just wasn’t ready to fall hard again and then just get hurt (at least that was my perception at the time). There are limited adult dating sites that are specifically designed for their community, but these two options are certainly among the highest rated and most well known.

All in all, if you are looking to meet other single Latino adults without thinking “long term,” there probably is no better alternative than the AmigosCalientes adult dating site.Amigos Calientes

Wrapping it Up

The final verdict for the Amigos dating site is relatively positive, even though is lacks several of the modern features that similar alternatives have in place. It would definitely be nice to see a free trial period introduced for new members. It might even help to bring new users to their platform if they like the trial.

Additionally, the creation of an official mobile app would certainly be intriguing for Android smartphone users. The mobile version of the site is functional, but it just doesn’t seem to be as polished as the desktop computer version, as we mentioned in the previous section of this review.

All in all, the most impressive feature is the matchmaking system. This service does an extraordinary job at matching people, even though the community is low in membership in some areas of the world. There are still plenty of opportunities to meet single individual with the in-depth profile search engine. The instant messaging service is unique and there are groups that can be joined as well. Some of these features require a monthly membership, but the fees are relatively affordable and the service is typically fast and efficient.

As an added bonus, customer support is always willing to help resolve any potential account problems that you might come across. You should head on over to the Amigos Dating Site and sign up for a free membership now!