Greetings, and Happy 2023 to all of our Latino readers who are here to learn more about some of the dating sites like,, EliteSingles, and also! Bienvenidos to you all! Now that the winter holidays are behind us, there will be plenty of occasions for people to get together and meet up in person in safe, public, outdoor venues. What a welcome opportunity! Be it outdoor markets (if you live in a warmer climate), local festivals (anyone noticing a lot more food trucks these days?), concerts or simply a quick bite or drink at a cafe, I feel so much optimism!

Dating Challenges Addressed

Yes, it has been a somewhat challenging couple of years for singles who have wanted to connect with like-minded partners; and yet, millions of Latinos continue to find friendship and love online on the leading dating websites such as those we named above: LatinAmericanCupid, Amigos, eHarmony,, and EliteSingles. It should come as no surprise that the largest dating sites in the world cater to the hispanic market.

More than ever these days, internet dating is a reality and happy option for people of ALL cultures – not only in the Americas but other parts of the world. It’s never been easier to meet people with similar values and interests. The days of hoping your best friends or family will call out of the blue saying, “I’ve got the PERFECT person that you just HAVE to meet!” are becoming a distant memory (although when that DOES happen, it’s still pretty cool – actually happened to a friend recently!).

Every day, thousands of people are signing up for internet dating sites. There are sites that are free to join and those that you have to pay for membership. Whether you come from Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, the Dominican republic or any other Latin American nation, you will easily find a Hispanic dating site, that will make you find your better half.

By the way, we want to assure you that people of all ages are finding fabulous relationship opportunities using these sites. I was visiting a senior friend and his girlfriend and happened to ask how they met. The girlfriend said, “We met online, but I’m only now telling people about it because I thought my friends would think I was nuts! But the site made it really easy, and we’ve been together 5 years now.” So, if you were reluctant to put together an online profile because of “your age,” hopefully my friend’s story will encourage you to explore one or more of the sites we discuss below.

Most Trusted Hispanic Dating Sites

There are different types of options available. Some cater to a niche market while others are general. Scroll down the page, or click on any of the following tabs to get started!

Latin American CupidAmigos.comeHarmony Latino DatingElite Singles
Latin American Cupid is, by far, one of the most popular Latino Dating Sites around. To jump right to our review, Click Here. Or, if you’re ready to take a look at their website yourself, Visit Latin American Cupid Here
Part of the popular FriendFinder group, was specially created for the Latin and Hispanic community. As you’ll see from our review below (here) they have some great options for participation at the site that you don’t even have to pay for! Visit Here or – for their sister site for more casual dating, here!
Almost everyone has heard of eHarmony, and so it didn’t surprise us to learn that they have a dating site that caters to Hispanic and Latin men and women. We talk about eHarmony HERE. If you would like to see what they have to offer, visit the eHarmony Latino Dating Site Here
One of the things we thought set Elite Singles apart was that they have a staff psychologist, and that they have an interesting app called “Intelligent Matchmaking.” See more in our review below (HERE), or, if you are ready to head directly to their site, visit Elite Singles Here

Let’s start by reviewing – one of our top picks.


Clearly  a winner, and one of the most popular names in the world of Hispanic dating – along with one of our favorites – is They’ve been at this since 2003, and between this, and their sister sites, boast well over 3 million members, including those throughout Latin America. The best countries for this site are Paraguay, Honduras, Peru, Guatemala, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ecuador, and Panama.

When we first looked at this site, our impression was, “Wow! If you are looking for a cute woman, this is one of the best sites to join” since the first thing we saw was a gorgeous woman gracing their home page. But ladies, don’t fret! Women looking for men can also join this site.

Actually, what many people may not realize is that is part of the extensive “Cupid Media” network, and they have a specialized dating app for nearly everyone, whether you are Latino or not. These guys are absolutely big players when it comes to online dating. If you take a look at their testimonials, you’ll notice that a number of folks met and forged some very strong relationships that began internationally!

Then there is the fact that the ENTIRE SITE is designed with the Hispanic/Latino community in mind.

Another thing that we love is their instant chat and video chat capabilities.

With, international dating is an easy affair. They also make it easy to meet people in other countries if you are interested in widening your reach. Anyone whether Hispanic or not can join this site so long as he/she is looking for a love interest. Joining this site is easy and free. All you have to do is to fill simple details and agree to the terms and conditions. You can also join via Facebook.

With the free service, you can review matches and access advanced messaging features. You can easily contact someone that you like. Searching through the database is easy because of advanced filtering options. And, they also have a vast selection of different languages that you can view their site in – including Spanish and Portuguese among many others. Nice!

(Need more info? View our more in-depth LatinAmericanCupid review HERE.)

Join for Free! Click –>

LatinAmericanCupid review

Next on the list is


With an exceptionally easy-to-use platform, and free Standard Account sign up, along with members adding thousands of photos every week, is definitely worth checking out.  Part of the FriendFinder network (which, incidentally, gets rave reviews by their employees as far as being a great company to work for), this site is entirely dedicated to the Hispanic and Latino dating community. Every element of the site is ideal for the requirements of singles. You can view the site in Spanish or in English. 

There is a LOT you can do as a Standard (Free) member on Amigos – which is how most folks begin here. You don’t have to pay for instant messaging or the chat. You may also access the profiles world-wide.

Once you sign up, you will also be able to read and participate in the Amigos “Interactive Magazine” which is a great place to look for (or ask for) advice and articles. As a Standard Member you can also contribute your own writing (including poetry!).

The world is changing fast. The way people meet, start relationships and court is changing. Relationships are starting online as casual friendships, and they are also resulting in long-lasting relationships or marriage. More than 7 million Latin Americans have used to find love. is proving instrumental in connecting Hispanic people from different parts of the world. Because of this dating site, women in as far as Cuba are hooking up with men in Spain (just to give you an idea of some of their scope). Another somewhat different aspect to this site is that they welcome member submissions of articles offering advice or success stories.

Again, you can sign up for free as a Standard Member to check it all out.

Another thing you can consider, depending on the type of relationship you are seeking, is their sister site,, for more casual dating options. Of course, just as with all the sites on the FriendFinder network, you have the option for a free profile (which allows you to also browse profiles). One of the things people like about the FriendFinders network is that they truly do cater to the needs of their various communities. Clicking this banner will bring you to the Spanish version of the site without the need to click to translate.

(Need more info? View our more in-depth Amigos dating site review HERE.)

Amigos Calientes


Let’s have a look at what eHarmony offers the Latin and Hispanic dating community!

3. eHarmony Latino Dating

An average of 400 people a day, get married because of This dating site has one of the highest success rates in the industry. Let’s explore why this is so!

With an algorithm that matches based on 29 dimensions of compatibility, eHarmony Latino dating makes it easy to find the right single. It is all about compatibility. Finding a casual date or a fling is easy. However, finding a lifelong partner is a completely different ball game and that is where eHarmony comes in handy.

With, singles can date in Spanish, Portuguese, English, or in any other major language. Whether you live in Brazil, Mexico, USA, Canada, Cuba, Spain, Portugal or any other country, this site will perfectly meet all your Latino dating needs. And here’s a quote DIRECTLY from the folks at eHarmony: “What if all your bad dates were behind you? Join eharmony today, because Love Begins Here.” What if that was the case? WHAT IF the “29 Dimensions” that they base their matches make the difference for you?

Then, there are a few other aspects that we feel set eharmony apart:

  • They know that many of us who are a little older are now turning to the online dating platform, and they definitely cater to those of us in that category.
  • Just as the Hispanic and Latino culture is important to us, in many cases so is our religion – and they cater to us there as well.

There is another thing that we especially like about eHarmony: If you are more comfortable using a site that is in Spanish, there is an immediate and obvious option to switch over to Spanish. You can see what we mean right here – you’ll notice right away it’s asking you what your preferred language is, English or Español. Not all sites have that option so up front, and we definitely appreciate that! It shows that eHarmony knows and understands its clients’ needs. promises a dating experience like no other. It has a user-friendly interface and real-time communication options. I think you have nothing to lose here – especially given their pretty remarkable guarantee. Check this out – We got this right from them: eharmony Guarantee®: Find meaningful connections, or get 3 months free. See site for details.

Anyway, hopefully you are seeing that they really take your needs and preferences very seriously. And I’m guessing that this is one of reasons why they are widely considered the “Number 1 Trusted Dating Site.”

(NOTE: Sometimes there are eharmony coupon codes. We’re putting those at a separate page for you right here!)

Join for Free! Click –> Meet Compatible Hispanic Singles Online at eharmony Latino

(Need more info? View our more in-depth eHarmony Hispanic dating site review HERE.)

Next on our top picks list is Elite Singles.


EliteSingles another one of the best sites to sign up. It is also one of the best known, and even has a staff psychologist on board to ensure that the dating and relationship advice comes from a professional in the field. She takes EliteSingles’ mission to help find you an ideal partner extremely seriously. This is an excellent site that offers you the opportunity to incorporate your cultural heritage into your dating life without worrying that your partner will try to change you.

Compatibility is one of the critical factors that need to be considered by online dating sites. As we just mentioned, EliteSingles takes finding a compatible partner for you very seriously. With the dedicated customer care team, you won’t have to waste time on someone you are not compatible with.

One of the things that really stood out to us when it comes to the Elite Singles Latino site is that they also recognize that a bunch of us may be single parents or seniors – something that we feel is very important to address. They also have an online magazine dedicated to relationship advice for the community. For example, a recent article from the magazine included a feature on the Mexican community.

One other thing that stood out for us was how many options they have for people of all backgrounds. For example, let’s say you are NOT Hispanic, but would really like to date someone who is (or vice versa). They have specific options for everyone thanks to their exceptional and intricate “smart profiling system.” They use the phrase, “Intelligent Matchmaking” and pride themselves on creating a safe atmosphere in which to meet like-minded individuals.

The Elite Singles process helps finds you a compatible partner based on;
• Your location,
• Your preferences,
• Results from an extensive personality test.

(Need more info? View our more in-depth Elite Singles review HERE.)

An online dating site should be able to connect like-minded people by giving them suggestions of compatible matches on a daily basis. You also get expert advice on how to create an online dating profile and the best picture to use as on your profile. With EliteSingles and their professional and serious approach, you have a shot at building a meaningful romantic relationship.

Take Their Personality Test Now! Click –> Sign up for Free at EliteSingles & Complete the Personality Test

No dating site would be complete with mentioning!

5. Latin Dating

Another one of the top sites for Latino dates, relationship and marriages is The proprietary technologies of have brought together many couples – certainly more than most other dating sites.

You can easily browse profiles and photos of singles on, even without signing up. However, to enjoy the full functionality of this website, you will need to sign up and pay a subscription fee. Registration at is free. is an online dating powerhouse, and certainly one of the best known. It is the biggest and most technologically enhanced internet dating service provider.

With, you can date on your mobile and on your PC. To date on your mobile phone, you need to download a mobile application to your phone. is not only about online dating. This dating service also organizes single events where singles get the opportunity to meet at venues near them and enjoy different activities while getting to know each other better.

With real-time chat options and the most advanced dating matching technologies, is surely a dating service that will not disappoint. It will help you to be able to find someone who exactly matches your personality.

(BTW: Check out this more in-depth review from one of our readers!)

The last place we discovered, although they don’t seem to be around right now was


As most of us know, amor is the Spanish word for love. was yet another Latin dating site that says that they are helping people find real love. To increase your chances of success on this site, you need to have a profile that has a good profile description and your best photos. But, I have to tell you that I haven’t seen a whole lot of positive chatter about this one, so I can’t say that I’d recommend it for much more than entertainment purposes, if at all.

Even the language on the home page seems to be unprofessional and – as much as I hate to say it – kind of spammy with a touch of “scammy” thrown in.

I think it is obvious by now that you might be better served to stick with the sites that have a better track record.

UPDATE: July 2021, I’m not even seeing that is live. I’ll update this again if I notice any changes. For now, just skip it, and go with one of the tried and true options above.

Online Dating Can Work… You Just Need to be Careful.

Some people still do not trust online dating, yet millions of marriages every year are attributable to internet dating. There has never been a better way of finding real love than by using an online dating site. That is because with online dating you find someone who is highly compatible with you because of the superior matching algorithms of internet dating websites.

You just need to be careful where you choose to put your profile! Stick with the tried and true. We’ve offered a few good places for you to start here. Avoid anything that even hints of a scam.